My Story

We are constantly growing, evolving, and changing, but some things in life never change. From a young age my creativity, passion, and ability to dream have defined who Calvin is. As a kid my thirst for creation looked like neighborhood talent shows, musical theatre classes, and garage sales to buy craft supplies. The artist in me has been there since day one and isn’t leaving any time soon.

I am currently a Junior at DePaul University studying PR/ Advertising with a minor in digital photography and graphic design. When I’m not in school you can find me working on my own creative projects, raising my puppy, Winston, or dancing in the same spot in the mirror in my weekly Zumba class. As a near Advertising graduate I am currently seeking additional creative experiences, internships, and new collaborations. I am not only a go getter, but a fill my plate-er until said plate is completely full but you know it’s worth it because its full of things you love. As a photographer, graphic designer, and advertiser I am a creative individual who wears many hats. Whether you’re here to inquire about booking me for a photoshoot or to view my digital portfolio, thanks for checking me out and I hope we can work together in the future.